Is it free and is my data safe ?

We offer a 100% free system for small users with less than 50 appointments per month and 1 plugin*
However if users pass this limit they can select a beginner pack that costs only $8 per month.

Now let’s  think for a moment … what happens if a system is free for all, all the time, with no limits ? Obviously there will be no development, there will be no team behind the project and you will at some point in time find a message in your inbox informing you that you are going to have to search for another system because this one is closing down or even worse, you will just find out one day that the system has already gone down. Some systems can launch and stay free while they spend their investors money, but when those funds dry up (and they tend to do so quickly), the solution will disappear from the net or there will appear a new price list.

We are here for the long term. We are debt free, profitable and with the main goal to provide you with an outstanding booking system and new developments that help you to get more business and more revenues. Security is important and we do regular backups and run several servers that can be used if one goes down. We also always have 3 employees that can access our servers in case of emergencies to minimize the risk of the system going down or staying down.

We have private hosted servers in Canada in a large secure data center, with ISO 27001 security certificate. They have high fences with barbed wires around the centers, 24h video surveillance and strict access codes to the buildings that host servers. Only certain people are allowed inside the centers themselves. They have multiple lines into the center in case one breaks.

We want “small” users and those starting a new business to be able to have access to a good free and secure system and instead spread the word about us. However, when businesses are big enough and have grown out of the free plan, we  charge VERY modest fees. Our price schedule is shown here below and remark that users can select to pay for one month, 3 months, or 6 months in advance. Please click on the image to make it large.

Click the image to see it in large format

*Our free system includes 50 bookings per month, and you can select any of our many plugins to enhance your system. Thousands of our users are using the free system although many prefer the paid option to get access to more bookings and to more plugins. Once upgraded to paid system, it is not possible to downgrade back to free system.
** SMS/Text messages are bought separetely in Tariffs // Packs section.

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